The future of marine claims resolution.

Our project’s goal is to dispel the many hours of painstaking and laborious claims reviews carried out across the world’s shipping networks by executive level claims handlers, and to provide them with the right tools to rapidly analyse and assess voluminous, unstructured, paper-based data marine claims in a fraction of the time.

Claims on-boarding

Users are able to input salient details about the claim into Marine Judge, upload core documents for immediate scanning and recognition. The claim data is then structured and verified. Collating in minutes what often takes a claims handler hours to verify.

Claims Processing

User’s data is electronically structured and key points about the nature and complexity of the claims data are passed through OCR and language processing technology, thereafter Marine Judge initiates an analysis of the factual matrix behind the claim and begins a comparative analysis using legal precedence to determine the success metric of any given marine claim.

Claims Settlement

Users’claims that are under US$100,000 in value, Marine Judge will provide a recommend settlement value for the claim depending on its merits. For claims above the US$100,000 with greater complexity, Marine Judge will align with humans-in-the-loop to expedite the processing phase, and offer key insights and options into how to settle or alternatively resolve the claim.

MJ is a specialist platform for cargo claims that are covered by marine and non-marine transit insurance companies.

Claims Settlement

Users’ claims under US$100,000 in value are reviewed rapidly with Marine Judge providing a recommend settlement value based on merits drawn from the claims’ data. For claims above US$100,000 with a greater complexity, Marine Judge aligns with humans-in-the-loop to expedite the processing phase of the data, offer key insights into how to settle or arbitrate the claim, as well as recommending a settlement value.


The platform helps you cut down the time it takes to settle simple claims from months to minutes. Most of the small claims you handle right now can be dealt with by a machine, and that’s why this tool can reduce a user’s cost of manually processing a marine claim by 75%.


The platform helps you keep track of your claims, understand their progression, and simplify the way you manage them by structuring your data automatically. This reduces type-time and helps you get to the desired claim outcome as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


The platform’s AI and OCR systems recognize, learn, and improve their assessment of shipping data daily – thereby increasing the efficiency of the platform.  This process identifies patterns in your data and helps you analyse unseen risks or opportunities within that data.